PCB Assembly – HDI and Materials

PCB AssemblyImagineering Inc. is a company in the Midwest that caters to all your printed circuit board needs ever since the year 1985. We offer different services such as PCB assembly, as well as HDIs. High Density Interconnectors, otherwise known as HDIs, are special printed circuit boards that utilize “Micro Vias” technology, which essentially is a new method created for the sole purpose of increasing overall efficiency.

This is attained through the implementation of small holes and the creation of thinner components with a more compact package. Such methods are in fact, practical in the real world. You can think of it as an eight-layer circuit board shrunk to a four-layer one while retaining its former capabilities. This method gave rise to our modern gadgets that are very powerful and handy in size.

Such advancements made in those fields allows newer and better ways to improve our current understanding with circuitry and efficiency, especially on the client’s part. It also increases interconnection density up to four times, allowing the board to be fitted with more electrical components. We also give you the option of providing us with the board itself, with us just handling the component assembly. You can preorder a printed circuit board yourself to be made by us with the predesignated materials and dimensions specified. We provide you with a wide selection of high quality materials specifically listed in our website in a rather convenient setup.

The technology, however is very demanding, in such a way that the creation of HDI circuit boards require certain equipment that normally cannot be found in ordinary stores. The process is very delicate, especially since the lines normally soldered are densely packed, making normal laser processes to be unfit for the job. We at Imagineering however are more than qualified for the job, as we have the latest laser equipment needed to construct such a fragile circuit board.

Our services cover laser direct imaging, a process that is extremely effective in accomplishing the challenge –

We also handle those requiring special micro vias, such as those hidden in plain sight through the use of a special vias in pad process, apart from the conventional ones that are fairly visible. We also cater to different via filling materials such as those requiring a conductive or non-conductive epoxy filling, electrochemical plating, and even copper or silver via fillings.

We at Imagineering are one of the best place to obtain high quality HDI boards or PCB assembly requirements at the lowest of prices with excellent delivery time, with us catering local and overseas orders. All you will need to do is to go to our pcbnet

website and use our turnkey system, allowing you to place your orders using online generated quotes that makes fast transactions and demanding specifications to be made possible. We have state of the art equipment such as high-precision lasers to drill micro vias. We also use a special plate shutting process which gives you more reliability on its usage rather than the common boards filled with ordinary solder or non-conductive inks.

pcbSuch feats are some of the many reasons as to entrust us with all your circuitry, PCB assembly, and HDI printed circuit board needs. We also provide clients with special discounts and offers, especially to the first time customers inquiring for our services. We also shrink the required elements for pad size and conductor size surface for those on strict budgets, allowing the same caliber of quality to be available at a much lower price due to a reduce of material costs.


The HDI also provides opportunities for better thermal enhancement and the creation of the gateway to miniaturization of PCB design via in pad technology. We also have the required credentials and certifications, in case any form of doubt accumulates in your mind, such certificates are visible in our website.

We also offer different quality class standards in PCB assembly, specifically two ordinary kinds and a special case, namely class one, class two, and class three.

Class one cases are for general electronic products that are required for ordinary use, for prototype testing, or even for design innovations. Class two products are for dedicated service electronics products, such as communicational equipment, sophisticated business operators, and instruments with high performance and an extended life, especially if uninterrupted service is required by the clientele. For the special class cases, class three products are those that are used in certain specific types of sophisticated military, medical, aeronautic, or even nuclear applications for which uninterrupted and high reliability service will be a must.

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