Last Bottle Wines & Win a Trip for 2 to Napa Valley, CA!

Oh yeah! My wine lovers, here is another awesome site that you can get up to 75% off the retail price of wine. Last Bottle is based in Napa Valley, Ca the motherland of grapes to make wine. Food and Wine lists Last Bottle as top 10 online wine shops. They offers customers a wide range of benefits including an instant 2% credit on all wine purchases. When clients refer friends, they receive $20 in credits, and those friends who purchase receive $5 in credits. Uniquely, a much-loved perk is when a client buys the actual “last bottle” of a particular offer and then receives a $25 credit to their account.

I love great wine for a great price! I can fine wines worth $80 or $90 be on sale for $16!!! Plus you can’t forget the amazing incentives and rewards you get in return for being a client!

This site is targeted towards those who have a tight budget, but don’t want to skim on the finer things in life or the single mom who just needs to have the right glass of wine to whine down for the night. Last Bottle Wines sells over 1 million dollars worth of discounted wine a month. Either one you will always find something to your taste and style.


Enter to Win a Free Vacation in Napa! 2 Nights with Airfare!

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  1. No matter how many times I try, I cannot get the “Facebook Login” button to work. I am a FB fan and shared link. Is there an email I can send my entry to? :)

  2. I live in the Napa Valley but I have never been a tourist here! I would love to go wine tasting!

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