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Even though my diet is fairly strict. There are 2 things I refuse to give up. My guilty pleasures, my holy grail, my favorite thing to eat and drink of all time. Cheese and Wine! Any types of cheese, meats, fruits, spreads, etc and a glass a wine and I will be heaven. I’m picky about my wines and I prefer a sweet one even with sweets, cheese, and fruits.

I recently been on the hunt for a good wine that I can enjoy each month. I rarely get a chance to make it to the liquor store in my area as grocery stores don’t carry alcohol. It’s natural and easier for me to receive something in the mail instead. I found this awesome website that offers you 3 different types of monthly subscriptions from everyday wine, to upscale, and even medium level grade wine. I opted for the Upscale wines as I feel as though you get what you pay for. I have spent less money for cheaper wine, but the taste be awful.

inclub offers members the ability to choose the amount, frequency, and quality of the wines they receive, and adjust those preferences whenever they wish. Members may opt to focus on collectors’ wines, everyday Californians, bold reds, or artisan wines—and can further customize beyond those categories. The Palate Guarantee™ helps ensure members will like the wines they receive.

I like how they ask you what types of wines you like. I said all types, but specifically only sweet ones. Off Dry and Dry wines are a huge hit with my taste buds and the quality of the wines on their lists are very impressive!

For Cellar Collection~ $149 Bi-Monthly

Recent Wines:
Jeneaux Robin Brut Rose Champagne
Raymond Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon
Beard la Chappelle St. Emilion Grand Cru
Domaine Mereuille Chateauneuf du Pape
Cucci Barolo

It was founded by wine-industry and startup veterans, with offices in Sonoma and San Francisco, inclub’s mission is to bring unprecedented wine discovery and value in the form of an innovative wine club. People who actually care about wine are committed to bring you the best wine for your budget.

Depending on your budget depends on the amount of bottles you will receive. I can go for the cheaper subscription Globetrotter for $49 you will get more bottles than you would with the For Cellar Collection.

There’s also flash sales they offer that you can purchase individual bottles for a cheaper price! You will have access to find out if your favorite bottle is in stock. If you love the bottle, let them know and you can always reorder it whenever its available. There’s also some awesome sample packages for $20! Even more ways to shop for the Holidays coming up!

Check it out here!

Invino is offering one lucky winner an awesome prize!

Enter the “World of Wine” contest including glassware for 8, wine decanters, wine country artisan treats, and a $250 gift card.

How to Enter:
Click login to Facebook on the bottom right side of the screen for an easy entry.


~ Victoria ✌

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  1. I had heard about this and was curious to learn about it. I love wine and it sounds like a great deal too! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I’ve heard of this before but never knew how reasonable the prices were. This would be perfect for me during the holidays, when I NEED a glass of wine but want to go NOWHERE! LOL

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