Custom-patchesMost sports teams and corporations use custom patches on their uniforms to present their organizations. This is because made-to-order patches look more unique and professional than pre-designed emblem patches and shirt-printed emblems. The team symbols or name plates last longer and they don’t damage the uniforms when they fade away with time. Most of all, customized patches are preferred by large organizations because of its affordability. With the right tactics, customers can save more money when they buy the customized types instead of the mass-produced ones.

Below we’ve prepared five tips on how to get the best bargains when ordering custom patches:


1. Wait for seasonal discount offers:

Some patch makers offer product discounts a few months before a national event takes place. Meanwhile, some offer discounts a few weeks before a holiday season begins. If you already have a trusted seller, inquire first if they offer any discount before placing your orders. You may even try asking for a quotation of your order months before school season or sports season starts. However, note that some sellers only offer these promos for certain types of products for a particular quantity of orders.


2. Order during low-demand seasons:

Contrary to the condition above, some sellers and makers of custom patches tend to offer more discounts during seasons when they receive the least amount of orders. If your chosen patch maker does not offer discounts during special seasons, there is a high chance that they belong to this group. Most sellers do this as a form of “low-time” promotion. In order to balance their flow of income throughout the year, they purposely try to attract more customers using discount offers on days when they have the lowest number of demands.
For schools and sports teams, placing your order during the low-time seasons may actually have more advantages than placing it during high-time seasons. Because of the low number of demand, you don’t have to compete with a lot of customers in order to make your patch maker prioritize your order. This also increases your opportunity to choose which type of materials you’d like to be used for your custom patches.


3. Carefully Pick Your Raw Materials:

If you don’t have the time to wait on seasonal discounts, you may try ordering from patch makers who offer discounts based on your material-of-choice. is a great online source for affordable and fine-quality custom patches. They place no additional charges for the first seven colors included in a customer’s ordered patch design. They also give them the opportunity to choose which type of materials they’d like to be used for the creation of their orders.


4. Order by bulk:

Commercially produced patches and pre-designed patches are usually sold by hobby stores and patch stores per-piece at fixed prices. Meanwhile, custom-made patches are commonly sold by bulk at discounted prices. For most custom patch-sellers, the price-per-piece often decreases as the quantity of the order increases. This is because the production costs on the patch-maker’s end tends to decrease when they produce more of the same outputs using the same materials. The decrease of expenses on materials and freight costs allow patch makers to offer their clients discounts for bulk orders.
To help customers land a bulk price discount, consider ordering patches in a quantity that will keep your patch-stock filled for at least another year. For individuals who belong to large professional corporations, it is highly recommended that they consult their organization’s treasurer or budget holder before they finalize their bulk order. This is because a large quantity of order may require a change of payment scheme and a larger stock area.

5. Order from trusted direct sources:

As much as possible, avoid ordering from patch retailers to avoid additional retail fees. When you order directly from wholesalers, you remove the risks of having to pay excessive hidden charges which are often placed by retailers as mark-up fees. These fees can increase the original order price beyond fifty percent. Some re-sellers may try to justify the excessive mark-up fees by using additional freight cost as an excuse.
patchesTo prevent encountering similar types of hassle, avoid ordering your made-to-order patches from unfamiliar sources. Ask friends for recommendations, and validate your custom patch provider’s identity before placing your orders. If you don’t know any trusted patch maker around your area, consider ordering your patches online. ships anywhere in the world, and you may reach them at any time through their website.

Unlike other online patch makers, we, at, do not add hidden charges to the orders they receive. We are very open about the additional cost of threads and backing materials which are available in their production branch. We also have online forms which customers may fill-in for quotation requests. For more information on their products, you may also reach us via email or via phone call. Simply visit our website to access our contact details.