Honest Review on VSN Extreme Lead Autopilot Generator

Networking is very important, you may not be interested in someone else’s business opportunity, but you never know if you meet the right person to help you along in any business. I was introduce to VSN by a friend who I met through another social media outlet.

VSN Extreme is an lead autopilot generator that helps you with collecting leads through a already made capture page that can help you use aweber to autorespond to e-mails inquiry about your business. It also provides training in marketing, craigslist, facebook, and instagram.

With this system I learned that social media can be used as a tool to market your product and also meet new people. Too often I see people use social media as their journal and it saddens me that they can’t see that money and social media is just a tool that can be used for good or bad. Getting into blogging helped me see that and I have managed to work with so many different companies thanks to social media. I also managed to get huge clients to work with thanks to social media.

Another purpose of VSN Extreme is that it helps you use all your businesses into one spot. The capture page I use linked to my ZNZ accounts if anyone wishes to join. I am not apart of Empower Network, but my upline is and they will be able to work with you if you decide to use that blogging platform.

You can also use their per click ads by using the link of your choice. I have Scentsy, this blog, and my capture page for ZNZ all linked up to get links. I usually spend about $300 a month for these ads, but I get around 200-300 clicks each month that I expect to see a profit of $100 come out of all three.

Its easy to set up and they also offer training on different ways to set up your capture page and what sites are the best ones to advertise and what you’ll need to do it. I’ve tried this technique of marketing and I got over 200 leads within a week! This information is worth well over $200, but you can only get it for $1

Did I mention that you earn 100% commissions using VSN Extreme? If you get any sign ups with VSN Extreme you earn 100% commissions off of those who joined. Yes, you may pass up a few of them to your upline, but anyone they sign up will be passed up to you as well. This allows that everyone makes money and its not just a pyramid scheme.

The VSN Extreme Traffic Gold Mine is a one time only payment of $50.00 and gives you full access to hundreds of dollars worth of the top tools, trainings, and income generating strategies inside of the VSN Extreme Traffic Gold Mine Level to help you earn multiple streams of income in some of the BIGGEST industries in the WORLD.

Here are the featured trainings inside of Traffic Gold Mine:

Traffic Goldmine Course

Real life Facebook magic, Find out right now, in this 9 part video training series, how the multimillion-dollar guru’s are leveraging Facebook right now, to get unlimited ultra-targeted traffic for pennies. You to, after just minutes of watching this training will be able to start tapping into the Internets most lucrative traffic goldmine.   Value $497

6-Part Quick Start Guide

This 6 part video series reveals the 6 fundamental online business-building principals that will immediately put you on the fast track to untold online success. Anyone who’s ever found themselves confused and lost online will, instantly be thrown into a world of unlimited potential. You’ll know exactly what you need to reach your goal in record time. Value $197

Instagram Marketing Mastery

Tanisha Adjo’s never before seen powerhouse Traffic training series reveals the most current up to date under the radar traffic methods, that brings in real red-hot ready to buy leads over night. These are real genuine traffic secrets that have never been taught before. You won’t find training like this anywhere. Value $297

Solo Cash Profits

In this 11-part video training, you’ll discover first hand, the industries fastest, hottest way to unleash a storm of multiple thousands of leads overnight. As well as finding out how hundreds of our industries biggest and most respected leaders, have build fast fortunes using almost nothing but solo adds. Value $300+

YouTube Marketing Mastery

One of the most well received traffic course’s ever released, this covers how to get endless FREE laser targeted leads that buy straight from YouTube. Roughly 5 hours of jaw dropping amazing content, you’ll also discover how to make ultra staller super effective video, no matter what your current level of skill is. SELLS OUT at $197

Weekly Sunday Night Webinars

Brand new up-to-date live weekly training on, what’s working RIGHT NOW. These webinars are literally now famous amongst the online traffic niche, for being some of the most valuable, priceless, no holds barred, cut, paste use right now techniques. Value $97.99/month

Email Marketing Mastery

This 7-part video training series reveals everything you need to know about building a giant list of dedicated loyal subscribers, Who wait around eagerly on the edge of their seats ready to read your emails and buy your product. Not to mention the short-cut secrets to bump your email open rates up-to 25% percent. Value $197

How To Cure Laziness Webinar

The one stop secret psychological loophole, that can literally almost instantly turn even the most destitute lazy loser into a consistent work-producing machine. This has now been 100% proven by science to work and is changing the lives of thousands of people everyday. Value $97


But I didn’t have to pay for any of those prices and you won’t either! Thankfully its only a one time payment of $50! All of this has helped me make my first $590 check with ZNZ!

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Being apart of ZNZ for 2 years and only making $2000 within that 2 years can make working from home frustrating, but I didn’t give up. Instead I found a system that helps me help you find a way to make an earning working at home.

~ Victoria ✌

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