Healthier Alternative to Tobacco Smoking Vapor4Life Review & Giveaway

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Compared to my last post, I was on the hunt for the right ecigarettes to work for my husband and I to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. Over time I learned that this is actually a healthier alternative and is widely used among celebrities and wealthy people. Most like going to clubs, restaurants and events that doesn’t allow them to smoke tobacco cigarette.

There are tons of different herbal cigarettes which I have tried and none seem to have fulfilled the nicotine craving I was looking for. Instead of going cold turkey transitioning myself off of nicotine the healthier way was ecigarettes. I teamed up with Vapor4Life to bring to you the different perception on what ecigarettes are really about.

Vaping allows you to smoke in places where cigarette smoking isn’t—like cafes, bars, restaurants, and other nonsmoking areas—because you’re not filling the air with smoke. Enjoy Vapor4Life at home, in the car, or even at the office without worrying about bothering your family, friends, or coworkers.

How does eCigarettes work?

E-cigarette liquid in a cartridge called a cartomizer. Cartomizers come pre-filled with e-liquid or blank to fill with flavored e-cig liquid of your choice. The cartomizer attached to a battery that heats up the liquid inside the cartomizer, producing vapor.



How Much Can You Really Save?

You can save up to 80% switching to eCigs compared to constantly spending money on the traditional cigarettes. Surprisingly when I added up how much I truly spend on cigarettes I was really disappointed in myself. Another huge reason why I want to quit smoking!

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Vapor4Life invented by a chain smoker so he understands what type of products providing great quality products to the average smoker. Vapor4Life is a family-run company of vaping enthusiasts. It’s about getting together, sitting back, and taking a vape break. It’s about clean vapor, not harsh smoke. It’s about spending less and feeling better. It’s something they believe in. That’s why they are fully committed to giving our vaping family the best e-cigarette experience around.

I picked out a manual one for Leon and the automatic for myself. I am in love with the designs and how pretty they look when you pull on them. It doesn’t make you look like you are smoking a nasty stick and the odor that comes out of them is clean and smells actually good! I got to try out the peppermint and menthol flavors. The peppermint is my favorite, but they do over a wide range of flavors like peach, peanut butter cups, ice cream flavors, and hazelnut coffee! I am looking forward to trying the variety of flavors since most of them sound so good you can eat them!

The batteries also come in a variety of sizes compare to the length of time based on the size of cigarettes you normally use. I received the long batteries since I normally smoke 100s in tobacco cigarettes. The length of the battery is astounding. I can smoke this for 2 days without having to recharge it. Charging the battery is easy with using just twisting the top into the charger adapter either for the outlet or your car which makes it portable too. I like that you have the options to get a diamond on the tip or have a cap cover instead. I think its cute to see the light bright up pink or white when you pull on it.


Vapor Titan Standard Starter Kit

My overall opinion of Vapor4life is that they offer you a wide range of flavors and styles to go with your personality. They also have a VIV Rewards which allows you to get free vaping products for your stash and gift certificates are available if you want to offer a gift to family or friends who you think should transition to smokeless cigarettes and eventually quit all together.

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Vapor4Life is sponsoring a giveaway to one lucky reader to receive a starter kit! Please ‘Like’ or +1 Us to get access to the Giveaway Entry Form.

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20 thoughts on “Healthier Alternative to Tobacco Smoking Vapor4Life Review & Giveaway

  1. This would be for my husband. He smokes Marlboro Black Full flavored 100s. So whatever flavor is closest to that. He has tried I would almost say a dozen vaping products, none of which worked out for him. They either choke him up really bad or they dont fill that craving he needs to fill.

    • I had that same problem when I first tried it. I was inhaling to deeply, slow and short pulls… My husband doesn’t think it fulfills his cravings either. These allow you to take 30 puffs then wait 30 minutes to puff again. Some moments I did crave more than just the eCig, but after almost a month I think I conquered it. Takes about 21 days for you to form a new habit and for your brain/body to full adjust to it gotta give it some time. :)

  2. I would’ve said menthol, but then I saw the Caramel Apple. My two weaknesses, smoking and caramel. lol

  3. For me…hard to break the habit but I’d like to quit for my kids. I saw tons I’d try…chocolate, coffee, banana, tobacco, ect…

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