Allergy-Free Living: Printable Grocery List

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Allergy-free living isn’t easy especially when its forced and not voluntarily done. Our family have been eating this way for over 5 years now and I can’t say we are 100% allergy-free. We have our days were its just not possible, especially during holidays and birthday parties. I appreciate my family and friends who make the effort to make sure there’s food available for the kids to eat. I always keep benadryl, epi-pen, and inhaler on me at all times and I always try to keep snacks, sandwiches, or wraps packed up in a cooler in our car in case we are out for too long to avoid fast food or restaurants.

Grocery shopping has always been a pain in my ass. Yes, I said it. The first time I went with the Foods to Avoid list, I literally started crying in the grocery store. Not only did it take me a while to figure out that my options were limited and the stores I go to were down to 3 stores, I had to get my thinking cap on. We can only shop at Wal-mart, Giant, and Sam’s Club because they are the only ones that offer organic, gluten-free, and and a variety of items that make our life easier.

One thing I did was collect a bunch of cookbooks to help me with meals, but I soon realized my problem wasn’t the meals, but our shopping. I was so bent up on what not to buy that I stressing myself out. After sitting down for more than an hour to figure out what we can have, the grocery shopping became 100% easier.

Allergy-Friendly Food for Families

Allergy-Free Food for Families helped me figure out what to buy and not focus on what we can’t eat as a whole family. I used to be a short cook and feed everyone based on what they can eat, but now its just easier to make everyone the same meal. My other favorite way to cook is freezer cooking. It saves me tons of time and even though it can be time consuming, purchasing in large bulk and separating the foods in smaller bags/containers makes prepping lunch easier.

Our Families Food Allergies are:

  • Corn
  • Eggs
  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Soy
  • String Beans
  • Oranges
  • Dairy
  • Nuts/Seeds
  • Gluten
  • Dyes
  • Iodine (Table Salt)
  • Seafood/Shellfish
  • Avocados

I tend to stick with non-gmo, organic foods, but thats usually only fruits and veggies. It’s hard to find non-gmo products in my area. I also aim to purchase grass-free meats and since its only one child who is allergic to eggs we love the fresh farm free-range chicken eggs. They taste so much better compare to other brands. We avoid all dairy and purchase coconut milk ice cream and milk; we use rice cheese and all-natural butter, but I usually use coconut oil. We don’t fry anything so the fried chicken I crave once in a blue moon don’t ever get it.



I made this Allergy Free Living Grocery List so that you don’t have to do all the work. You don’t have to do anything, but please share the page so other families can utilize it. Sharing is caring! [/sociallocker]

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