Fall Tablescape Ideas (Part One): The Basics


Fall is finally here and let’s face it… it wouldn’t feel like Fall without some great home decor pieces that create an autumn festive atmosphere for you and those living in your home. I don’t know about you, but I tend to have a lot of family and friends over for dinner parties this time of year and I like to dress up my dining table with gorgeous festive fall tablescapes!

I have been doing a lot of shopping around and I have discovered some beautiful and festive accent pieces which are sure to impress your dinner party guests, as well as create that undeniable fall atmosphere. Check them out below!

Fall tablecloth

I just love this pattern for when I am wanting that country feel. I think of Southern comfort when I look at this gorgeous tablecloth and napkin set.

Harvest Shimmer Tartan Set Pumpkin Plaid – $79.99, 10.49 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace


Burlap Table Runner

This table runner is perfect to get that great rustic look!

Burlap Table Runner – Natural Tan – $4.49, See Site shipping – Available at CV Linens


Fall tablecloth

This tablecloth is perfect for that traditional Fall feel and a round table is great when you are entertaining a small and more intimate group of guests.

Round Tablecloth – Orange – $12.59, See Site shipping – Available at CV Linens


Fall Autumn Thanksgiving Harvest Embroidered Cutwork Leaf Table Runner

This table runner would create the perfect bit of texture to your tablescape.

Fall Autumn Thanksgiving Harvest Embroidered Cutwork Leaf Table Runner – $14.99, 4.81 shipping – Available at Amazon.com Marketplace


Autumn Waves-Pumpkin Dinner Plate

It is important to mix and match your server-ware when creating your tablescapes. Everything does not always need to match perfectly to look impressive. I recommend mixing and matching different shapes and color shades until you find what speaks to you.

Autumn Waves-Pumpkin Dinner Plate – $23.99, 8.99 shipping – Available at Replacements


Hausenware Dinner Plate Pumpkin

Hausenware Dinner Plate Pumpkin – $23.99, 8.99 shipping – Available at Replacements


Pumpkin Dinner Plate

Pumpkin Dinner Plate – $23.99, 8.99 shipping – Available at Replacements


Williams-Sonoma Botanical Pumpkin Oval Serving Platter

Williams-Sonoma Botanical Pumpkin Oval Serving Platter – $139.95, 11.99 shipping – Available at Replacements


Set of 4 Pumpkin Soup Bowls

Think about serving your guests their soup this super festive pumpkin shaped bowls that come equipped with a cover to keep their food warm.

Set of 4 Pumpkin Soup Bowls – Ceramirupe – $90.00, 10.50 shipping – Available at Neiman Marcus


Tabletops Unlimited Pumpkin Bowl

Tabletops Unlimited Pumpkin Bowl – $25.99, 8.99 shipping – Available at Replacements


Light Golden Branches Candleholder

After choosing the basic setup of your tablescape, the next step is to find the perfect centerpiece! You need to decide if you would like a dramatic centerpiece such as this Mikasa candleholder…

Mikasa – Mikasa 3 Light Golden Branches Candleholder – $79.99, 7.95 shipping – Available at Mikasa


Fall Bouquet

Or, if you would like to go with a more traditional centerpiece such as this gorgeous Fall bouquet.

1-800-Flowers.com – Fall Bouquet – $49.99, -1.00 shipping – Available at 1-800-Flowers.com


Fall Berry Candle Centerpiece

There are really so many beautiful pieces that you could choose. Your goal is to pick a piece that speaks to you. Here are a few more ideas.

Fall Berry Candle Centerpiece – $40.30, Free shipping – Available at Amazon.com


Fall Wreath

Be on the lookout for Part Two tomorrow. I hope that you enjoyed my Fall tablescape ideas and I am looking forward to hearing which pieces you love best from the list above. Sound off in the comments below.


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Daily Nature Walk – Fall Equinox

Fall Equinox Rituals/Traditions

I’m learning to do more than what I say so my roommate and I took the kids out to the park on Saturday. I was telling her about a trail that I saw on Google Maps and thought we should check it out. We decided on an adventure but of course since this was unusual terrority it took us nearly 2 hours to get through a quarter of the trail. My phone was dying but I managed to get a neat shot of the sunset going up the hill.


We also learned some interesting facts about the Neversink Mountains. Railways, hotels, and a speakeasy in the 1900s.

Second time around the kids new exactly where we were going and we even almost ventured off into another area but they got scared and wanted to go back on the regular route. We also manged to get through it this time within an hour. Probably 30 minutes if we didn’t take the mini detour.


Next time I’m going to record our walk and share with you but I wanted to kick off the Fall Equinox with a Nature Walk ( Lil J calls it ‘The Adventure’ lol because I allow them to pick up stick and rocks and toss them around as they pleased). I wish I could get a baby carrier to take the new girl, Bella 4 & Isaac 2 months, that I’m babysitting on the trail. I also been dying to do some babybwearing too! Plus I doubt my husband would babysit while I get the toddlers out. ( Imagine that ;P )


The trail is not just for hiking.  We also saw bikers and dogs.  I look forward to exploring more by myself. The kids watch too many scary movies to go exploring. Lol

I see this being a daily or every other day walk which is about a mile long. As im typing this my joints are yelling at me, but I know my body needs to re-adjust to walking daily again. I also found a flat plan surface with grass that would be perfect for sunrise or sunset yoga or even running a few laps around.


Im still looking for a great spot to view the city. I have to go higher and I will on a day that we don’t go so late when the sun is disappearing and nighttime is creepy up on us. There is no electricity so that means no lights.

I am a Capricorn and nature is where I can let go and relax. My thoughts aren’t rustling and racing. I can ground myself and I plan on having the whole family do this on Saturday with a mini picnic within the flat plain. I would also love to meditate alone and enjoy the fall breeze.


During the season transition the trees are going to be beautiful and I cant wait to share with you. ( Hopefully with a new camera ) A mild and simple detox will be coming up since I started drinking icy tea again and my kidneys could use a break. I found this awesome app that reminds you every two hours to drink water of however much your goal is. My goal is to drink a gallon a day.

I see myself coming up here to journal and self-reflect, spend more time with family. This is how I celebrate the new season.

What are you doing this fall (that makes you happy) for Fall?