Healthy Home Toothpaste is Here!

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The Healthy Home Company is excited to share with you our latest innovation in healthy living—Toothpaste! Made with organic, EcoCert and ToxicFree® ingredients, Toothpaste features antioxidant-rich Maqui berry and stabilized chlorine dioxide (stabilized oxygen) to whiten teeth naturally, while helping prevent gum disease and cavities. Free from harmful ingredients like fluoride, sulfate, silica, triclosan and titanium dioxide, Toothpaste is safe for the whole family. Some people may be surprise to know that having fluoride in your toothpaste is not necessary and consider a toxin if ingested. Flavored with refreshing peppermint and sweetened with xylitol (which is known for its low glycemic impact and preferred by dentists), Toothpaste will help give your family a brighter, whiter smile.

Member Price: $8.95 | Retail Price: $11.95 | CV: 9

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What type of toothpaste do you and your family use?

Toluna Product Testers for Nivea Lip Product

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Almost Gone! Bring Back My Bars

Bring Back My Bars only come around once a year. These are the best from the past collections and you don’t want to miss out! My favorite is Coconut Palm (If you haven’t guessed already. LOL), Go-Go Goji, Almond & Cookie, & Bananaroma, and Hubby’s favorite is Echo. Scentsy


What makes Scentsy’s wax considered the best? It’s the high quality food gradable wax that is safe (but not advised) to consume along with essential oils. Matched with its special warmer that are hand. Which makes them look identical, but no one is exactly the same. The light bulbs work together with the material of the warmer to allow you to warm the wax instead of burning them. The scents last longer because its warming and not burning. Since it doesn’t burn the warmer never gets too hot to touch and if accidentally knocked over your pet or children won’t be burned by the wax. It’s also easy to clean up! No open flames, soot, or toxic fumes going into your home, clothes, or lungs. Scentsy


My Sponsored Challenged me to sell 100 BBMBs! 1 bar is plenty enough and very helpful!

  • 1 Bar – $5
  • 3 Bars – $14
  • Buy 5 Get 1 Free – $25
  • 12 Pack – $45
  • All 20 Fragrances – $85 (Add a Premium Warmer & Deluxe Warmer, Send your order to me via Facebook & receive 2 products for 50% OFF & $15 in Credit to shop with me, AND Free Shipping! 

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What is your favorite scent? Cherry Blossom is mine! ;)

Discontinued Scentsy Scents Aug 2014




These beauties will be discontinuing next month to make room for the Fall/Winter Collection. I’m going to miss a few so I’m stocking up this month and next month because next month is transition month which means tons of discounts! If you would like to be updated about what’s going on with Scentsy. Sign up here to my monthly newsletter.

Review Artisana Organic Foods

FTC: The products in this post were given to me for review purposes. I was not compensated for this post. All information and opinions are my own and 100% honest. Some links may be affiliate links.

Coconut Butter and Oil


I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with coconuts. Anything that has coconut in it and I want to eat it. I first hear about coconut oil during my natural hair journey which I still use til this day. It’s useful for many things and is the ultimate multi-purpose food you must have in your home.

I have a separate jar to use for my hair, but I use Artisana Organic Raw Coconut Oil for cooking and oil pulling. Some may be like What is Oil Pulling? Oil Pulling is a way to help remove toxins from your mouth and body. Just a tablespoon a day for an hour helped with whitening my teeth and minimize the sensitivity to them. Cooking with Coconut oil is also healthier for you rather than using butter or margarine. Just be certain to use small portions because just 1 tablespoon is 160 calories (if you count calories).

As for beauty, I love using this on my hair as an overnight oil treatment. Especially if I’m going to straighten my hair the next day. I will saturate my hair in coconut oil put a plastic cap on, wrap with a silk scarf to make sure its not going anywhere. I shampoo with keratin shampoo and conditioner, deep condition my hair with this hair mask then apply a Leave-In Split End Treatment because I’ve been really mean to my hair with bleaching, dying, and heat. On day I just want to keep it curly I just apply the leave-in treatment and coconut oil if I want them to be soft. Here are 3 more ways to use Coconut Oil.

Raw Organic Coconut Butter was brand new to me, the only time I heard or saw it was on social media. The texture of the coconut butter reminds me of a boiled egg yolk, but it melts in your mouth seamlessly. This is because it is coconut meat grounded into a smoother texture. I love adding this to my berry smoothies or my breakfast with yogurt and granola. My kids’ favorite way to eat this is on toast with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top.

Either way Artisana strives to bring organic and high quality products to your home. They are vegan and 100% raw and fresh with no pesticides and harmful chemicals. I do plan on repurchasing again as I have fell in love with the Coconut Butter.

What are your favorite ways to use coconut butter or coconut oil?