VEDA Day 12: Kids Ages 4-8 Favorite Books

kids ages 4-8 favorite books

I was dealing with very sick kids today. Kids were bugging for cereal and I warned them they would get sick. They even refused to eat breakfast! Stubborn kids. smh Well, I brought it and they all ended up not feeling well. Akina had it the worse. She had hives, then vomitting. sigh! Andrea was complaining her belly hurt and throat hurt, Justice had a headache and sore throat, Journey had a belly ache. It was a disaster, but they all agreed that Mommy isn’t being mean and I know what’s best. LOL!

So for VEDA Day 12, I shared with you what the kids’ favorite books are.

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VEDA Day 8: The 100 Day Reality Challenge

100 Day Reality Challenge

If you are someone who feels like your life isn’t going anywhere or you don’t have any structure in your life. Then the 100 Day Reality Challenge might be something you need. I highly recommend it! As I mentioned in the video, I struggled with Bipolar Depression, PSTD, and Multiple Personality Disorder. If it wasn’t for my husband walking into my life and being persistent to date me. I probably be dead. I was suicidal, angry at myself, the world, and I just didn’t know how to love.

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VEDA Day 7: How to Menu Plan with Food Allergies

Menu Planning with Food Allergies

If you haven’t already checked out my Weekly Grocery Haul, then you will know what I’m talking about in this video. Shopping for food and being conscious about food allergies can be difficult, but its another story when you have to menu plan and consider 5 other people’s preferences. I try to include everyone, but sometimes that just doesn’t work. So I do it the easy way and that’s the No Waste Technique! Check it out!

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VEDA Day 6: Weekly Grocery Haul

weekly grocery haul

I personally love watching people do Beauty Hauls, but I don’t shop for makeup consistently like I do for food. So I thought I share with you what I buy on the weekly basis.

Now this isn’t what I normally buy, we barely had any food and of course hubby threw a lot of stuff in the cart. Does anyone else’s husband does the same thing? I mean, if I had the option. I would shop alone. LOL

You also get to see how my husband and I are on the daily. He is so crazy, but that’s what makes me fall in love with him every single day.

I also forgot some veggies because I got the days mixed up on the kids’ dismissal time and was rushing at the grocery store. Only to realize that they weren’t getting out early. Bummer! But I did grab what I needed though! LOL

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