10 Reasons Why Having Food Allergies is Good

Dealing with food allergies can be a pain in my ass. When I first learn about my oldest being allergic to over 5 different foods. I literally cried in the grocery stores and I stopped doing any of the shopping. My husband did the food shopping for about 3 years before I became comfortable enough to not get pissed off at every items I picked up and the label had an allergy. But after all the headaches and drama, having food allergies isn’t as bad as you think.

10 Reasons Why Having Food Allergies is Good

  1. You get creative in the kitchen. You find ways to work around your child’s food allergy and come up with some funky recipes that end up being a family favorite and becomes a regular on your menu. You also get your kids involved in the decisions with buying groceries and in the kitchen.
  2. If your kid has multiple allergies, you tend to avoid processed foods. Since we can’t eat soy and corn because its  in EVERYTHING we avoid most process foods and eat more homemade meals.
  3. This goes with #2, but NO FAST FOOD. We don’t eat out as much since we have too many foods to avoid which also means eating more at home as a family. :)
  4. Makes you do research not just about food, but also household products. Most people think you have to avoid foods, but actually you also have to be cautious of household products including laundry detergent and soaps. We usually stick to no dyes or fragrances because of the boys eczema. I like that I know the products we are using are eco-friendly!
  5. You become more aware of what you put into your body. Since having food allergies, I have done a lot of research about food, how its made or grown, and what it does to our body. It made me more conscious to what I’m doing to my body when I eat something else that isn’t fresh and healthy. I have preached for years to my husband about certain foods we eat and now he has come around to eating no meat and cutting out a lot of acidic foods.
  6. You become an advocate for your child at school. We had one incident with the school with cross contamination. I freaked out and demanded things be change not just for my child, but for all children in the district. School has changed a lot of their policies on cooking and handling food plus its now available to all students for free. :)
  7. Your child isn’t able to take as much medication. This also goes for the household products, but most medication has corn syrup in it. Most would call me a hippy since I rather give my kid a spoonful of my homemade mixture of honey, lemon, and ginger before I grab a box of Tylenol.
  8. I noticed my kids get less sick since we eat healthier. This year so far we’ve only had high fevers and a cough, but nothing extreme.  *Knock on wood*
  9. You get out of your comfort zone. I never was the type to try new foods until I had kids. Try feeding a picky 2 yr old with limited options. Yeah. -_- So I came up with a rule in our house. “You can’t say you don’t like it, if you never tried it.” We have used that rule for not just food, but for everyday life such as traveling, doing crazy activities, and the kids have really embraced new unexpected things that has happened in our life.
  10. Not like most parents, but I talk to my kids about their bodies and what specific foods do to them. We go to the Allergists twice a year for testing and sometimes we do a day long test on one food to see how they react. They have learned what foods they severely react to and know for themselves that they shouldn’t eat it. Some days we eat stuff that one can’t have and I’m a short cook and will quickly throw together something else so they can eat a full meal. Surprisingly, the kids will tell me they will eat it anyways because they know the reaction is little to nothing if they were to eat something else. They know what could cause an anaphylaxis reaction which is dairy, nuts, and potatoes so they will avoid it at all cost, but will eat a small amount of something else which helps build up their system to not resist the food (with the doctor’s approval).

I’m the optimist person who prefers to look at life in a positive way instead of dreading on the negative. So having food allergies don’t always suck. The part that sucks is if your pregnant and craving what your allergic to or the label isn’t clear about what’s actually in the food and you have a reaction from it which happened to me last week. -_- But overall, I think having food allergies is a blessing in disguise because even though people may laugh at us for being health nuts we enjoy our life just the way it is.

I am Polyamory

My husband, Leon, likes doing research on just about everything which brought us to deciding to change our diet and why I’m polyamory.

What is Polyamory?

Polyamory is not Polygamy, Bigamy, or anything else you may have heard. Polyamory is where two people in a committed relationship agree to be in other romantic relationships (like boyfriends and girlfriends) with rules or boundaries. In order to understand why I made this choice. I have to take it back to the beginning.

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Dora’s Adventure Collection DVD set ~ Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Valentine’s Day Giveaway

I’m surprised to say that I still have a Dora lover in my house. Whenever I ask what character do they want, my daughter Lil A will scream “Dora! I still like Dora. ” She’s 7 years old in 1st grade. I would have thought she outgrown Dora, but then I realized that Dora isn’t the same anymore. She is older, but nope my daughter love the original Dora. When I saw that Sassy Mom, 2 Spoiled Bratz was hosting a giveaway I had to participate!
I know Lil A would be excited to see Dora’s Mermaid Adventures , heck any of the kids would be excited to watch this.   For Valentine’s Day I am looking toward to buying Valentine’s cards, cakes, pink, roses, chocolate. This would make a great gift for a special little girl who also loves Dora!


Sassy Mom, 2 Spoiled Bratz
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Creativity… delivered!

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Valentine's Day Project for Kids

No New Year’s Resolution

Have you made a New Year’s Resolution?

I actually sat and thought hard about what I wanted to do for 2015 and I couldn’t come up with anything that I would stick to. When I think of NYR I think of just having a goal for January and then the hype of the new year is over. When I make goals I like to make goals for long-term and short-term.

Even though my plans for the new year didn’t plan out, it was still interesting as my husband and I laid in bed watching the ball drop talk about what we wanted to do for the new year. The first day of the new year started off with a roller coaster of emotions, but it was a great day.

My goals for 2015 are simple, but it’s not going to be easy. My husband and I have an idea of what we want, but we are opened minded to not everything panning out to go exactly as planned. Started off the new year in an interesting way with having more clarity on what it is I want , won’t stand for, and what I won’t give up.

Today is Day 15 and I have been self reflecting on the past 26 years of my life because on Saturday I will be turning 27. Ahhh! It’s like the realization that I’m going to be 30 in 3 years and those years will be going by fast. I know most of y’all are thinking, heck your just a baby, but my age is just a number. My spiritual journey didn’t start until I was 20 yrs old and it took a lot of bad events to get me to be more conscious of what I was doing with my life.

I accept all that’s happened and have no regrets as I was healing from past pain and evolving. I used to have this fear of getting to 30 and never accomplishing anything and feeling like a loser, but now I’m ready to conquer any challenges and reach my goals. It’s never too late to reach your goals or do something in life. Before I know it, my babies will be grown with their own families, and I will be settling down to retire and enjoy the new generation that I have created.

These goals are my goals. If you are like me who doesn’t like making a New Year’s Resolution, I suggest writing your goals out for the whole year. I mean seriously, write them down. People who write their goal down are more likely to accomplish them than someone who doesn’t.

Prioritize your goals. Figure out which one is the most important. Mine below are in randomly order, but I do have a few that I want to accomplish within 6 months. Short term goals will help you get towards your long term goals. I’m no longer looking at 2014 and the ups and downs I had. I’m just looking forward to another year of lessons, love, and happiness. ✌

2015 Goals

  1.  Driver’s License ! I need to just seriously get the damn thing already. I know how to drive. I just hate doctors. Time for a check up!
  2. I have stupid stuff on my credit report like hospital bills and a small utility bill from 3 yrs ago and I will be paying them off. School loans are paid so the money should go towards something else.
  3. Buy my first car! I have my eye on a specific mini van. With 4 kids and the possibility of growing our family I should just invest in a mini bus. LOL
  4. Back to school? I’ve been playing with the idea of going back and I’m doing my research before I jump back into a bulk of loans again. :/
  5. Eat better . Both my husband and I agreed to make some changes to our diet. I had an allergic reaction the other day after eating shrimp. Best believe after the first time of having my throat swell up is when I was 13 and ate mangoes and almost died. Lesson Learned. Don’t f*uck with that shit. We are gathering some tools and material to try Dr. Sebi’s Alkaline Food list and come up with fun recipes with the kids. I plan on sharing my experience with you guys.
  6. Be more creative and vulnerable with the blog. Make mistakes and learn what keeps my bliss flowing.  I want to share some awesome tips about being a mom. But being a mom means multiple things and it wouldn’t make any sense if I didn’t share my personal experiences.
  7. Get Active. Join a gym, do a workout video, I will do something to lose this belly fat and feel good about myself.
  8. Kids have no toys until Spring time. Find crafts and other activities for them to do. Winter time is too cold for them to be outside with their asthma so I will find ways to keep them entertained.
  9. Stay opened minded and embrace all new experiences that come my way. I create my life and for 2015 I will feel proud, happy, abundant, and loved.
  10. Couponing! I will get back into couponing for household products to save money. Food is another issue beings we have food allergies and we switching our diet. I’ll figure that out as I go. But I did enjoy sharing the EBT deals in the past beings that we receive SNAP. I will share how I spend it to be healthy, allergy friend and save on necessities and beauty products. Plus some people are asking where are they at! :)
  11. Be more green! We recycle, but I want to try upcycling. It’s cool what you can create out of trash! Grow a herb garden.

These are my goals for 2015, but who knows what curve balls life throws at ya and I’m ready for it all. Plus, as I grow my goals and desires may change and I will update as I go. In the meantime, what would you like me to experiment with?! New recipe, DIY project, kids’ activities, or any other ideas leave them below! 

Happy 2015 ! :D

12-Day Holiday Challenge

West PA Pride is doing a Health Challenge for 12 days! It’s now already running, but you can still enter to win $25 everyday until December 24, 2014 plus you will be entered to win $400 Grand Prize!

Family Walks


My family loves to do daily walks around the neighborhood to stay healthy.

[Gallery image]

Priscilla G. is showing her activity inspiration by doing a 10K Race in Pittsburgh!

Go to WestPAPride.com enter your name, email and upload an activity inspire photo to be entered!

Did you know? 15 minutes a day of exercise will add-on 3 yrs to your life?!

Show us your Western PA Spirit. Upload your activity-inspired photo to enter to win.

Stay Hydrated on Game Day!

Whose ready for FOOTBALL?!

We are crazy Raven Fans here (Don’t throw your hate comments!) Game days are fun and competitive since my girls like Eagles and I’m secretly a Cowboy’s fan! hehe But when it comes to food and beverages we go in! Since our house is allergy-friendly I tend to stick to simple snacks which are fruits and veggies dishes. Kids are obsessed with broccoli and berries. As an appetizer hubby isn’t a huge fan of fried foods so we bake, saute, or steam our meals. My favorite are buffalo chicken balls, this recipe I found on Pinterest was a hit with not just my kids, but my brother, who lives out of town, loves them too. I used to serve chips and salsa, but we got bored with it and now I got the family hooked on pita chips and hummus. Our favorite dip is ranch dressing, but you can’t go wrong with spinach and artichoke dip with my husband! Aside from beer, wine, or some juice I also keep Essentia Water for those who are having too much fun and need a moment to stay hydrated.


We choose Essentia Water because it has no taste, literally. I can’t stand tap water and even tho its no different, but Essentia Water is smooth and clean tasting. The added bonus for me is that its has a alkaline pH of 9.5 to balance the acid in your stomach and electrolytes for your body’s cells. I drink a bottle of Essentia water for every glass of wine or alcoholic beverage I drink on game days. My kids prefer the taste of Essentia and since receiving this for reviewing purposes we have made the switch from another brand to this one! Since making the switch I have noticed I drink a lot more water than I have before. It was like pulling teeth to get me to drink water and now I can get in at least a liter or two before lunch.

Let me know what are your game day essentials?

Introducing The Honest Company

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Top 5 Holiday Gifts for Your Dog

Choosing the perfect holiday gifts for friends and family can be a challenge. Whether searching for that trendy piece of jewelry, this year’s impossible-to-find bag, or the latest video game release, matching the right gift to the right person can be super stressful and time-consuming.

But what about the precious pups in your life? They deserve the perfect presents too! Here are 5 easy gift ideas from Nylabone to make the holiday as joyful as possible for your furry friend, and as effortless as possible for you—Nylabone products are available wherever your favorite pet products are sold!

1. DuraChew or FlexiChew
Maybe your precious pooch is a champion chewer, leaving ruined shoes and other destroyed belongings in his wake. Not to worry, your furniture legs don’t have to suffer anymore! Nylabone’s line of chew toys—DuraChew for powerful chewers and FlexiChew for moderate chewers—are guaranteed to satisfy a dog’s natural urge to chew and provide a great way to redirect destructive chewing habits. And the best part is that they come in lots of different shapes, sizes, and flavors dogs absolutely love, like chicken, liver, peanut butter, and bacon—yum!

2. Dental Dinosaur
What’s not to love about a tough chew toy shaped like a dinosaur that helps keep your dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh? Available in fun Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, and T-Rex shapes, these fabulous stocking stuffers feature raised cleaning action nubs to help clean teeth and control plaque & tartar while keeping your dog endlessly entertained.

3. Healthy Edibles
We all enjoy more than our share of tasty morsels around the holidays—and we also have a tendency to overindulge our pups. Why not gift them with delicious Healthy Edibles chew treats instead? These natural chews don’t have any artificial colors, preservatives or added salt or sugar. So while you’re devouring that last piece of Aunt Edith’s fruitcake, at least you know your dog will be raising the bar on healthier snacking.

4. Nutri Dent Complete
If you’re planning to smooch your pooch under the mistletoe, you’d better make sure that his breath is fresh! Nylabone’s handy Nutri Dent Complete edible dental chews are clinically proven better than brushing, with 360-degree cleaning nubs to give your pup two of the greatest gifts of all: clean teeth and fresh breath!

5. Just for Puppies!
Who enjoys the holidays more than children? And who is more child-like than a puppy? Bring out the spirit of the season in your bouncy bundle of furry joy with Nylabone toys made just for puppies. Whether it’s holiday bonding with a baby-blue wishbone chew toy or establishing good dental health with a plaque-busting, princess-pink puppy dental chew, Nylabone helps your puppy feel like part of the family. And for teething puppies, rest assured—soft chews in classic shapes like pacifiers and colorful keychains will help your little one develop positive chewing habits while his or her teeth come in.

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Save Your Sofa—Give Your Dog a Nylabone for Christmas!

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