Link Building Tips for 2016

A lot of internet marketing professionals say that SEO is dead but it is not. In fact, it is stronger and Link Buildingmore efficient than ever and so is link building.

Years ago, it is quite easy to just buy off your search engine ranking position. You just need to buy a few links and you are already on the first page. But, the search engine algorithms are changing so you need to get acquainted with updated link building techniques that will help bring your website to page 1 of the Google results page.

Here are the top SEO link-building techniques that you should try to improve website rankings:

  1. Be discriminating.

To achieve the full results of link-building, your site must be linked from reputable websites. Remember that buying links in bulk does not work anymore. In fact, it can get your site blocked from the search engine results in the long run. So, you have to discriminating.

  1. Build new contacts.

In order to build powerful links, you must also build powerful relationships so find opportunities to network with people in your industry. Try to join niche based communities, Facebook groups, social groups, forums, and blogs.

  1. Ask for backlinks.

If you’re a beginner, it would help to ask for backlinks. You can ask your friends, relatives, and co-workers who have personal websites and blogs. Also, ask for in-content links as these links are more powerful than footer or side bar links.

  1. Try testimonial link building.

Testimonial linking is one of the easiest ways to build links as it is offers a win-win scenario to both parties. Other party gets a good testimonial about their product and services while you get the opportunity to increase your website traffic. Websites are also most likely to approve testimonial links than the regular email requests.

  1. Create a great content.

It is easier for you to get links if you create a useful and valuable content. So, it is important that you put a lot of effort on your content. Make sure that your website content is well-written and that it contains valuable information that will help you earn links. According to one of the most valuable SEO service providers, SEOExplode explains on their website (Visit URL) that “The most effective way to build links is through writing content. Posting articles on sites, writing in forums and doing blog posts with a link back to your site are all great ways to build relevant and valuable links. Not only are these links valuable, but you will also appear to be a leader in your field if the articles are helpful to people and if they get something out of it.”

  1. Write a great guest post.

There are many websites that accept guest posts and this is a great opportunity to get links and increase your website traffic. But, before you write a guest post on another website, you have to make sure that the blog or website is related to your niche. Also, make sure that the article is not overly promotional. Make sure that the article is informative, useful, and well-written. You have to ensure that the article will position you as an expert in your field.

  1. List your website in reputable listings and directories.

There are many online directories nowadays but very few provide real value to the readers. To increase your website’s rank and reputation, you must list your site in reputable listings and directories. Choose a directory that does not only allow you to post a link to your site, but choose an online listing that actually connects you to your potential customers.

  1. Try local meet ups.

Local meet ups present a great opportunity for you to build local links. So, checkout local meet ups and look for active groups in your area. Choose groups that are related to your website niche or business and then attend their meetings.

  1. Use videos.

Most people are visual beings, so it is a great idea to create videos that people actually want to embed and share. Make sure that you are building links to your website and not to your video hosting platform e.g. Vimeo or YouTube.

  1. Upgrade your past content.

Re-write and upgrade your past articles and then post the updated links on related FB communities and forums. This will increase the traffic to your site and it could possibly increase your website’s search engine rankings.

  1. Build links using PDFs.

Write a short e-book about your industry and make sure to use the keywords as the filename. Make sure to separate the words with hyphens. Then, upload your PDF on the root directory of your site. Then, link your PDF from a popular page on your website and make sure to avoid duplicate content. You must make sure that you PDF contains unique content.

Then, add your short e-book to a reputable PDF directory. You can try Share Ware Ebooks, Ebook88, Memo Ware, or Ebook Jungle.

Remember that it’s already 2016 so you must update your SEO strategies and try newer and more powerful link building techniques.

Self-Motivation – The Solution for a Successful Life

Whenever we want to do something, we always want to have a motivation for us to make the best from it. If we are totally motivated, we can give the 100% of our efforts. Motivation is really needed to pursue what we really want to do with our lives. It drives us to reach our ultimate life goals.

According to Psychology Today, motivation is our desire to do things, therefore, self-motivation is being referred to as our desire to do things without the aid or help of some people. If you think about it, it is somehow difficult to start on how to motivate yourself. We always need the help of others. We always seek the attention of others. That is the reason of why we have a hard time motivating ourselves.


You can try several things to start motivating yourself. Actually, if you will learn how to have self-motivation, you can start doing things on your own without the help of others. Other people can motivate us through good advices and rewards like gifts. An example is, if you get good grades in school, your parents will most likely reward you. There are more things that other people can help us, but the hard thing to do is on how to start this motivation within ourselves.

Based on a study, self-motivation has two main purposes. One is the intrinsic motivation wherein you are being motivated because you love what you are doing and you want an internal reward for yourself like gaining happiness and satisfaction. The other is the extrinsic motivation wherein you are being motivated because of the external reasons like earning big money, buying a house, and many more. You must deeply know the kind of motivation you want to use and have.

Whether you have intrinsic or extrinsic motivation, you can now start motivating yourself. One of the first things you need to do is to be optimistic. Gather positive  vibes, since your positivity can help you make the best decisions. If you have a positive attitude, you can appreciate everything you do. You can’t choose what will happen in your life, but it’s your choice if you want to look at it in a more positive light. Being a positive thinker will push you to the limit of your abilities and will motivate you so much in any tasks you  are planning to do.

If all you have are negative thoughts, stop for a moment and divert your attention elsewhere. Note that you can’t chieve your goals if you have these kind of thoughts.

Once you develop positivity, it is advisable to look for good company – those who also imbibe positivity. Talk with other people who are capable of giving you good advices and pushing you to achieve your goals. Look for those who can share their positive approaches to life’s challenges. Being with positive people can also help you develop a positive mind. Quick but positive discussions can motivate you a lot. You may also share your ideas with friends, so you can also motivate them. Aside from motivating yourself, you are also doing the same for others.

Being a positive thinker also requires you to be positive within yourself. This means being confident enough that you can accomplish things with your own abilities. Enough confidence in yourself is develop positivitysufficient if you want to strive for self-motivation. You won’t be bothered if you have a positive mind and confidence within you, that you can accomplish things with your own capacities. Think of your past achievements and on how you became successful with that. Consider the factors and resources you have been used in order to achieve your goals. These can help you a lot in motivating yourself. If you have been able to achieve a goal in the past, you can attain it again.

When speaking about self-motivation, you must also have a hunger to do that. Be hungry in everything you do. Try to think as much and as long as you want about why you want to pursue that goal. You must have a purpose for that particular goal.

You must also track your progress. It is good to know that you are developing. You can write the methods you use to achieve your goals. Compare the methods you have utilized, then choose the best one which can help you attain your goals. One example is to list 2-3 studying methods. You must see the different effects of these methods. Choose one, which works best for you.

Do not be afraid to commit mistakes. Nothing and nobody is perfect. Always think that in everything you do, there are always circumstances that happen beyond our control. Expect that there will be some setbacks, but always think positively that you can make a solution for it. Mistakes are always happening while we are pursuing our goals. The more you make mistakes, the more you will get better. Use these errors as your motivation and try to avoid them as much as possible.

After accomplishing small goals, set larger objectives. Take the opportunity to accept huge challenges that can help you more on being the best for yourself. Always ask yourself on why you are doing that thing. If you always find reasons to do so, just go for it.

Only you can help motivate yourself. Self-motivation requires personal perseverance, positive attitude and a good purpose for your specific goals.